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Revolutionary novelty • Lower resistance of the EKKO doors saves an average of 10% in oil costs • The EKKO Semi doors are towed at around 20 degrees towing angle • Good at shooting • Good distance between doors and catch well • Good at turning and hold distance between doors better

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The Ekkó doors are good at shooting

The EKKÓ doors are good at shooting, hold good opening, good at turning and keep on fishing during turning and after, good at hauling.

The EKKÓ doors fish on a less angle of attack because of the wing like shape and save energy. Less resistance saves fuel. The EKKÓ doors do not need to be forced to spread on a large angle of attack as other doors.

The EKKÓ trawl doors are Icelandic design from decades of experience. The designer of EKKÓ is Smári Jósafatsson. Smári worked for decades with his father Jósafat Hinriksson, the maker of the Poly-Ice trawl doors. Making them, in research and development, and as sales and marketing manager.


Saves fuel

EKKÓ, the silent catcher. Because the streamline wing-like shape they cause less disturbance and noise. Fish is not spooked and enter the trawl without noticing the EKKÓ trawl doors.

The EKKÓ doors double shape with a tube in the front and bands inside makes them very strong  

The EKKÓ trawl doors are wing-like formed. That's a novelty which has many benefits over traditional single plate trawl doors. The EKKÓ doors use the Bernoulli effect to spread themselves on much less angle of attack. That is how they save energy and oil while fishing.


Variable weight

The EKKÓ doors weight can be changed where they hang in the trawl blocks. Just open a lit and add in or take out old chains.
A great safety issue for fishermen.
Four patents are in international process:
EKKÓ is the first doors in the world with this wing-like shape.
EKKÓ is the first doors in the world that has a connection to the trawl at the inside of the doors.
EKKÓ trawl doors are the first in the world where the weight can be changed in such a simple way where they hang in the trawl blocks. Which is a safety issue for fishermen.
EKKÓ is the first doors in the world with air-lock and water-lock. Which helps controlling balance and position in the water.


we are ekko

Each of us has specific experience in the fishing industry.

Mr. Smári Jósafatsson

Smári is the designer of the EKKO trawl doors. Smári worked for decades with his father Jósafat Hinriksson (J. Hinriksson ltd.), the maker of the Poly-Ice trawl doors.

Making them, in research and development, and as sales and marketing manager of the Poly-Ice trawl doors which were among the best-selling trawl doors in the world at that time. Accumulating years of experience in the industry and the technology.  

Out of the experience and observations on the limitations presented in existing trawl doors he decided to start research and pursue his vision of the EKKÓ shape.

Shareholders are Smári, Jón, Frosti, Tennin ehf. and Inning ehf. Phone: +354 896 2300

Mr. Frosti Sigurjónsson

Frosti is an MBA Business economist, consultant, investor and entrepreneur. Previously he was the CEO of Nyherji a leading IT solution provider in Iceland, the CFO for Marel a global provider of advanced food processing systems, chairman of CCP a computer games developer and founder and CEO of Dohop a travel technology company. Frosti has also served on the boards of several companies and been a member of parliament where he chaired the committee for economy and commerce.

Mrs.Ragneiður H. Magnúsdóttir

Ragga is the chairman of Ekkó Toghlerar. She has a masters degree in Mechanical engineering from Aalborg University in Denmark and has served as the CEO of an IT company called Hugsmidjan for several years and was a part of a digital transformation team at Marel. Ragga has been a loud lobbyist for innovation, women in technology and in bringing technical talent to Iceland. She is a part of a number of innovation and technology associations, such as Iceland's Science and Technology policy council and Federation of Icelandic Industry to name a few.

Mr. Jón Þ. Hilmarsson

Jon has over 40 years’ professional practice experience in audit and accountancy in Iceland working on clients ranging from subsidiaries of large multinationals to local SMEs.

EKKÓ trawl doors has received grants from:

HB Grandi hf. one of Iceland’s largest seafood companies.

AVS fund for fisheries researchRannís, Research and innovation, tax benefits, project with HB Grandi and international.

Patent application fund.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 781043.