Swedish trawler has good experience with Ekkó trawl doors fishing for shrimps

Niclas Hallberg skipper on the trawler Svartskär LL9 took Ekkó bottom-semi trawl doors 1,3m2 180 kg  in use on the 29th of January 2019.

Two days later came Smári Jósafatsson the designer of the Ekkó doors and Peter Ronelöv Olsson forman of the Swedish Fishermen´s Producer Organization (Sveriges Fiskares Producent Organisation www.sfpo.se) to Strömstad in Sweden and joined Niclas on sea with Svartskär in the Kosterfjords area.

The Ekkó doors performed well from the beginning and were much lighter to tow than his other doors in same size and weight. Ekkó is good at shooting and hauling. They were stable and maintained about meters distance flying just over the bottom both when fishing on even bottom and in hills from the side. The Ekkó doors are much lighter to tow and therefore save oil.

Both Niclas and Peter were pleased with the Ekkó doors. As they fly just over the bottom and save the bottom and life on the bottom, as well as they save energy/oil at the same time. Plus, they catch well.

Svartskär LL9 on the pier in Strömstad, Sweden with the Ekkó doors after successful three days fishing for shrimps in the Kosterfjords area.

Ekkó door shooting.
Peter Ronelöv Olsson president for the Swedish Fishermen´s Producer Organization (sfpo.se) and Niclas Hallberg captain of LL9 Svartskär from Lysekil.